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CILO Services

Disability Rights and Advocacy

We generate awareness, engage in positive action, and create needed change to laws and programs. We address issues such as access to transportation, reasonable accommodations in the workplace, or access to public buildings.

Independent Living Skills

Our goal is to assist people with disabilities to be independent at home and in the community.  IL Skills training assists in developing self-determined goals for greater independence.  IL Skills training is provided in groups or 1:1.

Peer Support

Peer support is an opportunity for people with disabilities to share knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other.  Peer support can take place in groups or 1:1.

Information & Referral

I&R is provided by responding to phone calls, emails, and in-person inquiries.  We provide information about CILO's programs and/or specific services; or may refer the consumer to other community resources that can meet their immediate needs.

Home and & Community Transition Services

CILO provides services for people in long-term care settings who choose to live independently.  This service assists people to find accessible housing, transportation, personal assistance services and other community resources necessary for full inclusion into the community.

Housing Programs

CILO provides several housing programs in both Ohio and Kentucky through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To be enrolled in one of our housing programs, you must be referred to CILO. These referrals are made through a Coordinated Entry process by which people with disabilities experiencing homelessness are given access to housing and assistance based on their level of need and resources available. Once enrolled in one of our programs, you may access rental subsidies and benefit from our targeted support services.

Support Services

CILO works with consumers on an individual basis to develop their independent living plan and provide information and assistance as it relates to disability benefits, employment, education, public access, etc.

Kentucky Personal Care Attendant Program

This state-funded program of the Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living is administered through CILO. This program allows the person participating in the program to hire and manage the attendant that best meets their needs and allows them to remain in their homes with the greatest possible independence. Accepted applicants are reimbursed by CILO for the approved number of hours of attendant services.

Learn more about Kentucky Personal Care Attendant Program at nkadd.org

Learn more about Kentucky Personal Care Attendant Program at gwadd.org

Art Beyond Boundaries

CILO’s inclusive art program and mainstream, fine art exhibition gallery where artists with disabilities can enhance their artistic and professional skills. Visit artbeyondboundaries.com