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CILO Employee Directory

Executive Director: Rob Festenstein
Direct Phone:  513-338-5100

Director of Programs: Suzanne Hopkins
Direct Phone:  513-338-5109

Director of Advancement: Debbie Moorehous
Direct Phone:  513-338-5110

Staff Accountant: Kyle Dixon
Direct Phone:  513-338-5102

Disability Rights & Advocacy Specialist:  (open)
Direct Phone:  513-241-8046

IL Skills Specialist:  Jenise Brassell
Direct Phone:  513-246-0319

Home & Community Transition Coordinator:  Amanda Hardcorn
Direct Phone:  513-338-5105

Ohio Housing Coordinator: Larissa Brassell
Direct Phone:  513-338-5103

Support Services Specialist: Stephanie Johnson
Direct Phone:  513-338-5107

Kentucky Programs Manager: Peggy Tucker
Phone: 859-341-4346 Ext. 203        Direct Phone:  513-338-5106

Kentucky Housing Coordinator: Lisa Beane
Phone: 859-341-4346 Ext. 201       Direct Phone:  513-338-5104   

Kentucky Housing Coordinator: Stephanie Reardon
Phone: 859-341-4346 Ext. 204      Direct Phone:  513-338-5108


Art Beyond Boundaries Gallery: Jymi Bolden, Anthony Jenkins
Phone: 513-421-8726